Evaludating com

The firm will use the expertise of the Union of Concerned Scientists to help it create a climate action list for Barnard.

Barnard considered developing a scoring system in-house but decided outside experts would have better access to data, have more expertise and lend the effort more credibility.

The goal is for Barnard to be able to view a list scoring different companies.

Leaders will then be able to decide where they want to draw a line -- which scores are acceptable for investment and which are not.

We would like to thank Bocconi University for granting access to its administrative archives for this project.

In particular, the following persons provided invaluable and generous help: Giacomo Carrai, Mariele Chirulli, Mariapia Chisari, Alessandro Ciarlo, Alessandra Gadioli, Roberto Grassi, Enrica Greggio, Gabriella Maggioni, Erika Palazzo, Giovanni Pavese, Cherubino Profeta, Alessandra Startari and Mariangela Vago.

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